Linking mAirlist with Sam Broadcaster

Hi there,

Is it possible to link mAirlist with Sam Broadcaster, so it can use the music as a database? I see there is an option in config under databases saying you can… but how do you do it?



Would love to know how to do this too

In V3.x, open Configuration, click Databases, Add, SAM Broadcaster v4; then fill in the connection information. You do need to know and fill in all the fields to connect successfully to your existing database: you should be able to find this out easily; if not, ask on a SAM forum.

Can’t help with V4 as I don’t have a copy: sorry!


I see in the list, it only says up to MySQL 5. Do you reckon this means it doesn’t support the newer versions of MySQL 5.1 and up?

I get an error that says it can’t find libmysqld51.dll, libmysql50.dll and libmysqld.dll?

If you use the SAM Broadcaster DB - does it bring in the intro points etc too?

MySQL changed the license of the client DLL from LPGL to GPL starting with v4.0. That means that it may not be used with closed-source software anymore.

If you’re using the open source edition of MySQL server, the latest DLL version you can legally use is v3.23 (libmysql323.dll). It will work with newer servers if you store the password in the old format using the OLD_PASSWORD function (there must be a section on that in the MySQL documentation on that).

You can find that old DLL e.g. here:

Enter “mysql-3.23” in the protocol field to use that DLL.

Technically, the Zeos database library built into mAirList supports DLL versions up to v5.0, but that is only for people who have a commercial license for their MySQL server.