Licences, Dongles & Config Root Folders on Network


We’re setting up a network installation of mAirList with multiple clients licenced with dongles.

Initially we just have one central “-rootfolder” on the server so all clients look and behave the same. We’ve downloaded the relevant licences from the website user area, so we have a single “licence.lic” file holding multiple licences, each with its own dongle “hardwareID”. That looks rational, but it seems like mAirList doesn’t want to work with that.

It seems that for mAirList to open licenced when it starts it :-

  • It finds a dongle and notes the “hardwareID”.

  • It notices only the first licence in “licence.lic” with a “hardwareID”.

  • If that first licence has the right “hardwareID” and the licence is tagged “selected=true” then it’s accepted. So any mAirList start attempt by another PC with a different dongle (with details saved further down in the licence.lic file) will fail.

  1. This suggests to us that each PC will need its own “licence.lic” file that each mAirList dongle can refer to. Is that the situation?

  2. More broadly, the scripting help file refers to a collection of config management interfaces that look like they could help us find a solution to this problem, by using different licence (and config) files for each client. They seem to be based on the Delphi TIniFile class. Are there any examples that could show us how to get started there?


Greg Segal
3CR Melbourne Australia

Will the dongles “float” around your organization, or will there be a fixed assignment of a dongle to a computer?

Hi Torben,

Usually they’ll be permanently attached to specific studio / office PCs.

The advantage for us of the one central licence file would be a quicker swap if a PC failed (albeit more chaos of the server did!). But we understand that some config items will have to be local, and if that includes the licence file we can manage. The server could also keep copies of these PC specific files too, to make a PC swap easier.

So we think we’re looking at crafting some PowerShell scripts to do this ini file wrangling before mAirList starts, and after shutdown. (We already have a few that tell mAirList some Windows Environment Variables).

Any assistance that mAirList script could give though those interfaces mentioned earlier could really help.

Thanks, Greg