Last played info


Last year I started at a radio station the have a database (music) whit a lot mp3.
I started slowly to change mp3 for flac file’s (when I have them)
But there is a little problem I want to keep my last played info from the mp3 and then remove the mp3.
Is there a way to keep the history and import it in the new file?


When you synchronize the database, your new *.flac files are listed in the left window as you know it, but now the missing (!) files (*.mp3) are listed in the window at the right side.

Select both matching entries and click on Fix Renamed File.

Unfortunately, you cannot mark all matching entries at once and fix them en bloc. You have to do this one by one.

What happens?
The existing database entry that lead to the *.mp3 file before gets now the information to use the *.flac file instead. All other database entries remain unchanged.
However, you should check loudness, amplification (when yo use normalization) and cue points again, whether everything is still OK.

This information won’t be imported - it’s the same as before. Only the name of the file (and the path to it?) changes in the database entry.

In this case, “slowly” sounds pretty good. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see wat you mean if you do it like this.
But I work at a different way.
Evrything is done through the database app also deleting if I know yes this one then hit the delete button and then mairlist ask also from disk? Yes and it’s gone.
I am afraid that I delete the wrong file if I go through the music map.

Hello Henk,
This is what you also can try.

  1. & 2. Open Database and go to AudioFile Tab. Change the name xxx.mp3 here to xxx.flac.
  2. Check Cue Editor
  3. Export MMD (if you use them) or database.

This should work with all your audio settings.

PS you also want to check Audio Levels.?