Keyboard access to mAirList 3.x and 4.x

Hi, I am a developer in University of Southampton. I am currently trying to develop a programme to help blind users to use mAirList. As blind users can only access the application via keyboard, we need short-cut-keys to access the buttons or use tab key to go through the components on the screen. However, it seems to me that the menu buttons, such as New, Open, Save Insert, Events, etc, are not focusable by keyboard. You can only click the button using a mouse. In addition, there are many clickable images and text, such as ASSIST, AUTO and the control “buttons” in each Cart Player. These images and text are only clickable by mouse and some of them are not always visible in the screen.

I have noticed that there are some short-cut-keys for the menu, like Ctrl-O for the Open button in the menu. But still many functions are not accessible through keyboard. Is there any support in the current system for the keyboard access? Do you plan to add these features in the future? Many thanks.

You need to open mAirList Config and look at Remote Control, Hotkeys.

This allows you to map any keyboard key (including shift, ctrl, shift-ctrl variants, etc.) to a very large number of mAirList functions/Commands (all of which are described in Appendix A of the mAirList manual).

Also, Torben has developed specifically blind-friendly versions of mAirList in the past.


Hi Cad. Thanks very much for your reply. The Remote Control in the control panel is very useful. But after reading through the Appendix A of the mAirList Manual, I am still wondering how can I, for example, “click” the “Events” button in the menu and open the Event Scheduler window? Should I use the BROWSER Commands or something else?

I was not aware that there is a blind-friendly version for mAirList. Where could I find it, I mean the trial version? Many thanks.

Connect it to a execute command option. I believe it’s playlist events to open the event scheduler. This will only open the event scheduler if a playlist is loaded I think :wink:

Cheers, Alec M


Previous discussion regarding mAirlist for the blind was by user ‘midzy’ but he has not been active on this forum since September last year.

It might be worth reading through his posts though;area=showposts;u=269


Nearly correct, Alec. :wink:

It’s PLAYLIST 1 EVENTS, and if you’re using Hotkeys in the Remote Control section of mAirList config., there’s no need to ‘connect’ it other than by:

[ol][li]Open mAirList Config and click Remote Control.[/li]
[li]If Hotkeys (local) is not in the list, click Add…, Hotkeys (local).[/li]
[li]Click Hotkeys (local) in the list, then click Configure.[/li]
[li]Press the key or key combination you want to assign the command to, e.g. Ctrl+1.[/li]
[li]Click Add.[/li]
[li]In the list, drop down the Command cell beside the key, then scroll down to and select PLAYLIST 1 EVENTS.[/li]
[li]Click Apply, OK.[/li]
[li]Click Save.[/li]
[li]Open mAirList and confirm that your new key is working.[/li][/ol]

The Event Scheduler dialog should open when you press the key, even if you have ‘removed’ the playlist from a customised mAirList screen layout using the Layout Designer, and/or have ‘removed’ the playlist control bar using mAirList Config. Playlists still exist within mAirList, even if you have chosen not to display them on the screen: therefore, they still respond to commands. :wink:


Thanks Alex and Cad. I have tried the PLAYLIST 1 EVENTS and I could open the Event Schedule window now.

However, here comes another problem. When the Event Schedule window is opened, how can I access the “New”, “Open”, “Save” and “Add” button using keyboard? There are many menus like that in mAirList, where you cannot use “Tab” to tab through. Another example is when you click the Add button in Event Scheduler window, the Event Editor will be opened. Everything else in this window could be tabbed through using “tab” key, but the buttons and textarea in “Actions” section still cannot be accessed by keyboard. Are there any general methods to access these buttons using Remove Control?

To Ron,
I have read the thread before. I am actually developing a script using Window Eye SDK to read mAirList and make it accessible by Keyboard for the same blind person. So except for the keyboard access, I also need to read out what happened on the screen. The bottom two control panels in mAirList are not focusable, so I need to find some way to tell the blind person what happens or what is displayed in those two panels.

BTW, I am using mAirList 3.1.9 trial in Windows.


if you will develop something for window-eyes for mairlist 3 or 4, I’m more than interested in testing it. I’m still using Mairlist, but in very old version I developed simple config for it. Mairlist in it’s functionality is briliant software, but with non standard interface component it’s difficoult using it when you’re based on screen reading software.