Is ColWidths still available?

In the German manual written earlier this year, there is a ColWidths key (I forget in which INI file!) which allows the Playlist column widths to be altered.

1: Is this option still available?

2: Could Torben please explain what all of the Playlist columns are, from left to right (I know the first one is the player/backtime column, but some of the other ones at the right are not obvious)?

3: Does this option work differently (or at all?) if Extended View is selected in a Playlist?

Many thanks in advance.


It is still available, in layout.ini. The columns are those you see, from left to right: Time,Title/Artist,Duration,Ramp,Length,Arrow

The artist column in non-extended mode is a virtual one (title and artist are drawn manually into one column), so it’s the same settings in both modes.


Sorry not to understand, but I presume Duration is the computed duration between Cue In and Cue Out, and Length is duration of the complete file?

Or did I just get that wrong?!!

thanks in advance, and have a good trip and a safe return!