Is a stable 2.1 version on the cards?

I think that I am correct that version 2.0 should be used for ‘real’ work and version 2.1 is ‘experimental’. If so, are you planning to release a ‘stable’ version of 2.1 with all the new features at some point?

I am thinking about introducing mAirlist and just want to know which one I should be concentrating on!


You are correct, v2.0 is the “production” release (thorougly tested and known to be stable), and v2.1 is where I include new features to be tested by the community.

The v2.1 release is already used for production by many people. When you take a look at the bug reports forum, you will see that there aren’t any major issues in the v2.1 release. The community is very active and attentive, most bugs are usually reported within a few days (and fixed within another few days, critical bugs sometimes even on the same day). Most of the remaining bugs are related to the new features, which haven’t been tested thoroughly, or aren’t even completely finished.

mAirList 2.1 will be turned into the stable version 3.0. There is no definite release schedule yet. It depends on how many additional new features will be included. Plus, I am going to finish my PhD thesis until the end of this year, so my spare time for mAirList might be limited.

Thanks for confirming this. I know that development is an ongoing process and just wondered if you were planning another officially stable version as the last one is now 6 months old.

I have been following this forum since Christmas and I know how quickly you respond to bugs and thank you for this.

With regard to the announcements thread, it is clear that
[-] = Known bug (being worked on?)
[+] = New option/feature
but what is the significance of [*] ?

[-] means “resolved bug”
[+] means “newly introduced feature”
[*] means “changed feature or behavior”

OK thanks