In-Flight Editor/Segue 'Live Assistant'


Probably quite an ambitious request within mAirList, but nevertheless it’s worth a shot…no harm in asking :wink:

Would it be possible to have an ‘in-flight segue editor’. I don’t know if anyone has used ‘Dalet’ before?..but that makes great use of an in-flight editor. Attached are some pictures of what i mean.

What it will allow is automatic "dj’ing"of whatever you tell it to do. The inflight editor allows you to drag, and fade the song or cut at a certain point. It allows also to add an ident over the top of the segued song. After doing the mixing, you save the segue, and then insert it. The program then does this itself and does not have to be in auto mode.

Seems ambitious i understand, but what are your opinions on it and other little things alike we could maybe add into mAirList or have a watered down version etc?


It’s already possible to use LINK if you want to automate a segue while in ASSIST mode.

A ‘graphical’ segue editor has already been discussed, but will require the new ‘Envelope’ feature planned to appear in mAirList v3.0.


…and also a lot of work for a not-so-talented GUI programmer like me :wink:

Ah right. Never heard of LINK before.

And Torben… I beg to differ! :wink:

Thanks, Ryan.

LINK is one of the Playlist columns, you can click it and mAirList will daisy-chain those selected item whilst in “Assist” mode. ie: you can click a block of adverts and just start a Player, and they’ll all play in that Player (via that fader/channel), and then stop. My attached example shows how it works.

Also, if you take a look at Cad’s work in the Scripts forum, you’ll see that you can actually tighten up your segues and sweepers. You need to set your song intros and give certain audio tracks a custom EndType - the script is run once you’ve loaded a Playlist - and any matching items have their Start/FadeTimes adjusted. You will of course need to watch the levels or designate a “Special” Player in mAirListConfig to play Sweepers/Voicetracks (and set the gain a bit higher on the desk, for example).

Dalet - I remember seeing that at EMAP London. Looks like somebody’s got hold of WinAmp and just modified the skin!


I can tell you now…Dalet does a lot more than Winamp i can asure you! One of my favourite playout systems bar the price!! :o

And i love your skin on that picture! Would be great if you could share the player script? :o

Also, how did u actually obtain LINK?


That’s only a basic skin, black and white!

In (in the config folder), look for the [Playlist] section and make sure you’ve got the following:

;Order: Icon,Time,Title,Duration,Ramp,End,Link,Artist

The ;semicolon is just a comment to remind me which order the columns are in and the * allows the Title field to fill the remaining space (autosize). The Link column is the one you’re after - If you click the empty column on each item, you’ll see an arrow appear. mAirList will simply chain that and the next item in Assist mode.

Cad’s sweeper/voicetrack script is here:,2644.0.html

Fantastic! Very nice. Seems easy now i think about it ha ha!

Just one thing, how were you able to colour code different categories? e.g. ads=yellow, idents=green etc. Is it done via radioDB or something alike within different categories? (Oh and the advert money icons :P)

Also Torben, back on-topic. Are envelopes going to be available in V3 (any estimates?).

Some ideas for the in-flight editor to-

[ul][li]Route the PFL to a specific channel[/li]
[li]Dragable “nodes” to move the song back and forth until a nice segue is made![/li]
[li]To make it easier, waveforms don’t need to be shown! (Plus makes it less cluttered)[/li][/ul]

I’m sure i will think of more!


Double-click a Playlist item to bring up the Properties windows (or right-click an item/cartwall and select Properties). You are then presented with a tabbed window allowing you to set titles, timings, colours and icons. See the Scripts forum on here for my bulk colour/icon script that allows you to change all playlist items in one go. The icons have also been posted, but I found some nice new ones at

Feel free to download some of my stuff here:

Very nice! Some handy stuff in there and i like your layouts!. Just out of interest which Database system do you use?

In mAirList - I don’t, the OnTheFly database crashes at about the 10,000th song :frowning: I have just over 11,000!

Wow! When i tried on the fly with about 1000 songs it took to long to load. I thought with all the categories you would use something like SAM.

It’ll take a few minutes on the first “cache” - In fact, it took about an hour to do Phoenix FM’s database! After that, it should take 15-30s. Still, it’s a small price to pay as mAirList rarely crashes and you can search Artist/Title and sort via lengths, too.

Good stuff. I’ll do that then and save fiddling with SAM Broadcaster etc.