import audio and title in correct format

Hi, just been given some new audio named in the filename format artist - title.

Is there a script to read this change this data in mAirList?

At the moment the audio loads as the filename in the Title Field, with the artist field blank… If not everything changed by hand or is there a tag editor to suit?

Kind Regards Tony

btw:using 2.1.45 I Know!

First of all, have the files already be imported into a database (mAirListDB)? If so, it’s very hard to change the information because mAirListDB keeps its own copy of the artist, title etc. tags.

If it’s brand new files, I suggest you use a tag editor like mp3tag in order to copy the artist/title information into the ID3 tag (does only work with MP3 files though), which is much better than relying on the file name. mAirList and mAirListDB will be able to read the file tags.

Thanks Torben, unfortunately we are still on 2.1.45 so no mAirListDB.

Also the files are .wma but with nearly 30gb of audio offered I was not going to be picky!

So hand editing it is, I think?

Kind Regards tony


Google for Bulk Rename Utility: great freeware which does this job in a one go.

There are lots of similar freeware products if BRU looks too scary. :wink: Most of them can do ‘pattern’ changes to filenames using regular expressions (see below).

In effect, you want to change b( - )(.*).wma[/b] to \3\2\1.wma, correct? :wink:

Sorry: misunderstood. You instead need something that can write tags into WMAs. I assume (?) there is the ewuivalent of any of the popular MP3 tagging programs (mp3Tag, Tagscanner, etc.) for WMA? Seems likely; and such programs are invariably capable of populating the tags in a batch of files from their filenames.

Torben: any thoughts on that? Can mAirList read the WMA-format tags within WMA files, or not? If not, should still be possible to shoehorn an MP3 format tag into there.


No, WMA tags cannot be read.

The recent mAirList versions can handle the common “artist - title.ext” filename format - but v2.1.45 cannot, sorry.

Thanks Cad and Torben, I am tagging with mp3 tag but as Torben states the version I am using does not read .wma tags.

Hence the Title and Artist do not display as seperate lines in mAirList without manual edits.

Thanks again both.

Kind Regards Tony

The old version should at least the double-hyphen format (artist – title.wma), if that is an option for you.

Remind me: does 3.x read Artist - or does it HAVE to be Artist –

Also to Tony: remember there is an option in config: Miscellaneous, File Import, Import artist/title from filename if no tags exist, which needs to be ON. :wink:


Single hyphen is now also supported, if I remember correctly. If that option is turned on, of course.

Hi Cad & Torben, no joy in version 2.1.45
options enabled import description from file tages and import file tags as attributes

The Artist Title appears in a player as the title

no mention in the options to those suggested by Cad.

Thanks again for the help and suggestions.

Kind Regards Tony

Erm … you do need to be on v3.x for this to work. I would very strongly recommend that you upgrade to v3.x.

And sorry: I didn’t notice that in your original post! :-[