How to deal with block truncation?

Hello! Maybe it’s done somehow obvious, but I’m stumped. In the first half hour, I have a block with the program, and in the second half, a block with music. How do I set up the template so that neither the end of the program nor the end of the music block is cut off halfway through the song? Is this even possible? Thank you in advance.

Hi! Of course it is possible. One way to solve this problem could be to set a timer that adjusts the duration of each block so that they don’t overlap each other. For example, if the program is 30 minutes long and the music block should take 30 minutes, then the timer for the music could be set to 15 minutes. When the timer for the program ends, the program ends and the music block begins, and vice versa. Another way is to use music pauses and intervals between songs. You can try to pick songs that are less than half the time of each block. This will allow you to avoid cutting the songs in half, since you can start the next song after the previous one ends. Finally, you can use software that will allow you to mix music tracks so that they play continuously, without pauses between songs. This can also help you avoid the problem of cutting songs in the middle.

Hi Alexey,

is this a pre-recorded part as one file?

Is this generated by an element “fill with music” in the hour template?

Hi @AbrahamYokoyama , thank you for trying to help.

Just to intervene here a little bit to avoid confusing:

(highlighted by me)

That makes no sense…

Why would you use a radio automation with music scheduler and cue/fade/start next points then? :eyes:

??? - most songs I know will be less then half the time of a 30 or 15 minutes block…