How does mAirList use the MMD file <Filename> entry?

I’m currently doing a Major Tagging Exercise at home to prepare a library for the studio, so I started wondering whether the MMDs I’m creating are 100% portable?

For example, an MMD file always contains a entry, and obviously this is the present location of the (say) MP3 file being tagged.

Moving both the MP3 and the MMD files to a different folder doesn’t seem to upset mAirList in general. Open a Browser on the new folder, drag/drop the file into the Playlist (or a Player), and all the cue points etc. work correctly. Even the Properties, General tab shows the correct (new) location of the file.

The MMD entry remains unchanged, so I presume that it is principally a ‘documentation’ entry: correct? In other words, the is ‘the location and name of the item file at the moment this MMD file was written or updated.’

If the entry is used internally within mAirList for some reason I don’t know, and therefore the entry needs to be accurate and correct, then I might have problems. I doubt that the folder the files will eventually be moved to will be c:\Audio\Fresh Tracks like it is here! So if I need to change those once the files are in situ in the studio, I need to plan for that now (and write a little VBS update script… DOMDocument again! >sigh<).

Thanks in advance.


The filename field is simply ignored when reading the MMD file.

In fact, it could be left out when writing the MMD in the first place. I just haven’t found an easy way to tell the playlist item to omit it when dumping itself as XML. I will keep looking.

The same applies to the ID3v2 tag as well, by the way.


I had noticed this when swapping between my MP3 and WAV library. I found it a bonus, so wasn’t too fussed!