How do you manage your media collections with mAirListDB?


We have a modest media library: about 95,000 music files and 1,100 station media files. Our items table has 96,600 rows.

When using the mAirListDB application, there are several nodes in the browse tree that lock up the application’s user interface for 30-60 seconds when they’re clicked. This is disconcerting and I’m geting complaints from our producers.

I’ve scoured the forums and can’t find any report of similar behaviour. I figure that might be because no one find this behaviour to be a problem or that we’re the only users experiencing this behaviour. For now I’m assuming the latter.

I’m curious to know how many items are in the largest browse nodes of other installations.

How long does your mAirListDB take to list a node with 10,000 items?

How do you sub-divide your media collections to keep the items-per-node count to a size that doesn’t impede media management workflows?

Hopefully I’m not the only one who will find the answers to these questions to be interesting. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.



Since no one has yet added a comment to this thread I’m starting to think this problem is unique to our installation.

Please chime in, even if you haven’t had an experience like I described in the last post.

What’s the total number of items in your database?
How many are in your largest folder?



2 maps flac and mp3 320.
In the flac map evry artiest has a map with al the songs.
In the mp3 map are about 8000 songs in one map.


Actually, my rotation folder contains nearly 8,500 FLAC elements . It needs 20 seconds to list them in the library tree view of the local mAirListDB.


Thanks for your observations Uli and Henk.

@henk , how long does it take to load your mp3 map in the mAirListDB tree view?

@UliNobbe , is your database hosted on the playout station (or across a network)? Which DBM to you use (we’ve tested this with PostgreSQL 9.3 and 9.5 running on a dedicated DB server)?