Hour templates - change colours?

Hi, I created some different Hour templates?
Two different programs does have the same colour.
Is it possible to change the colour for a specific template?

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For example:
Helge og Roar
Ris Ros Retten
isnt the same.
I would like two different colours… Is that possible?

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How many different templates do you use?

Hi UliNobbe,
In the moment I use 6 different templates…I will perhaps add more in the future…
Best wishes Junker

I see. There are only 4 colours available (hard coded by Torben).

If there should be more, you (and everyone) can tell us your proposal of colour pairs (!) - needed for light and dark theme -; html color code is accepted, too.

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Would it be a possibility / option to assign a color to a template yourself? Then anyone can adjust the colors to their liking.


Hi UliNobbe
Thanks. It could perhaps be these:

However it doesn’t matter which colours available. But (as RuVo80) writes, we would be happy, if we could assign the colours ourself, in the situations, where to different templates are placed next to each other…

Have a nice day.

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