Hotkey Question


Is there a Hotkey option to start and pause Player 2. Similar to PLAYER 1 - 1 Start/Pause. I am looking for ultimately PLAYER 2 - 2 Start/Pause.

Does one of the options in the dropdown menu ultimately do this and am I missing something? If not, can Hotkey options be created (if not available in drop down menu)?

Thank you.


Hi Jeff,

you might want to look for PLAYER 1-2. The first figure stands for the playlist, which is 1 in most cases. The player itself is addressed by the second figure.

Numbered regards


Edit: By the way, you are not tied to the dropdown menu – you can type in any command you like. (Useful for scripting purposes.)


Thank you. I will try option the above.

Out of curiosity, is it easy to create your own. I don’t know how to code so wouldn’t even know where to begin!