Help needed for "false" start

Hello everyone,

Maybe you could help me, I am maybe searching in the wrong option. Here’s the thing:
When in assist mode, when I select right click->options->move played/skipped items to recycle bin, I would like to know if I can set up somewhere a “delay” (10 seconds for example) so that in case of false start, my sound doesn’t directly go to the recycle bin and I can play it again.
By false start, I mean I launch the player and stop it immediately.
Thanks in advance!

Not a timed delay, but you can set up a number of items to keep before moving them to recycle bin. It’s in the config app in the playlist settings.

I have made the experience that those items to be kept will not be moved to the recycle bin when a new playlist is added.
When the new playlist replaces all remaining items, the played items will be “deleted” too. Shouldn’t they moved to the recycle bin instead?

Ok thank youTorben.
I thought there could an option like:
"if file is played less than 5 seconds => return to beginning of cue when player is stopped "
“if file is played more than 5 seconds=> auto close”
That could be convenient with my clumsy hands! ;D

Use the PAUSE/STOP commands instead of just STOP. They will pause the player until start another one, then unload it.