Hello All! New to the forum

Hello from the United States!

I just joined the forum today, I found mAirList only recently (about 3 months ago) and have built a new computer playback system around it.

I do some light webcasting and podcasting from my home studio, and I had been looking for a while for something easy to use as a live assist that would allow for console start/stop control and multiple audio devices.

I’ve been very happy with mAirList, I’m currently running 1.5.35 with great success.

Looking forward to being a part of this community.

Best regards,


I also have been playing with mairlist for a little while. And am planning on building the same sort of thing.

Have you go any screenshots so we can see what you have done?

Hi Mike and matt, welcome along.

Search through the posts by Charlie, he has left both screenshots and download of the layout.ini should you need to use his designs. They are on this forum somewhere.

Mike and Matt,

welcome to the forum, and I’m glad to hear that you like mAirList. After my unexpected trip to Tucson last week, I’m still in the process of catching up on everything, and I have been to busy with other things (namely, my PhD thesis), so there’s not much news concerning mAirList at the moment. But you can expect a new version within the next few days.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, don’t hesitate to post them here.


To Mike: I’d suggest you download and install the latest version. Several fun new features have been added since, and the Event Scheduler in particular has changed somewhat.

To Mike and Matt: You’ll find that Our Glorious Leader (that’s you, Torben!) is extremely amiable, is great at implementing fixes etc. VERY quickly, is always keen to hear new ideas (via the Feature Request Forum) and quickly implement the ones which ‘make the cut,’ and his command of English is—at least in my case—about, oh, several hundred thousand times better than my German is!

Although many of the Forums here are in German, if you see something interesting looking in one of those, the Google Translation page (or anything similar) usually helps to understand those discussions.

Welcome to the happy mAirList family!

(Head of Presentation, Leith FM,
Edinburgh, Scotland)[/i]

Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome.

I haven’t really modified mAirList all that much, yet. I messed with the layout files quickly, changed some fonts and colors, but it very closely resembles the stock layout, which I kind of liked. I only have one 17" LCD for the moment.

I will get the newest version this weekend when I have some time to think. :lol: