Generate Playlist as Event falls back to generate 0 hours

I’m using the 6.2.6 Trial and have set up an event to generate a new playlist as top of the hour event. It contains to steps:

  1. Generate playlist for 1 hour
  2. Append generated playlist

From time to time, the Event does nothing as the number of generated hours is reset to 0 without me taking any action other than doing database management (importing new files).

Anything I can check that might reset the value?

You mean that the “number of hours to generate” in the action properties suddenly changes?

No idea why that should happen…

Exactly. I could not find a pattern yet.

Please keep looking.

Do you open the DB app for management through the green Database icon in the playout window, or as a separate process from Windows Start Menu?

Both, but most of the time running from Start Menu to have a distinctive icon. Next I’ll check if this relates to system startup.