Form Re-Size - remembers last config

Is there any way of mAirList being able to remember it’s window/form size upon re-loading ? I’ve adopted Cevou’s idea of 1 instance of mAirList across 2 screens (so I only need 1 browser), and it makes the COMMANDS easier/quicker as they don’t have to be RPC.

Problem is, mAirList always starts maximised - and to get the “normal” view across 2 screens, I have to click the Restore/Maximise button, then drag the window to the top left of screen 1, then to the bottom-right of screen 2…

It depends on how your video card manages the second screen. I know that there are two ways:

Type A (seen on ATI and Matrox cards): Normal Windows desktop (+ taskbar) on the primary screen only, the second screen remains empty (except for the desktop background), but you can drag windows onto it. mAirList detects two monitors.

Type B (seems to be default on Nvidia cards): Both screens merge as one virtual big desktop, and mAirList only knows about one monitor.

What type is yours?


Type A… I have 2 twin-screen systems here, both run Matrox G450 AGP cards (DVI splits to 2x VGA HD connectors). Screen 2 is desktop background unless a window/icon is positioned on it.

Ok … having done some investigation, I found that it is quite easy to programatically resize the main window so that it extends over all available monitors. However, it will then be party hidden under the Windows task bar, because you cannot determine the size of the latter reliably. I will add this option for v.36 anyway, perhaps it’s useful to someone though.

So, it looks like I have to make the main window remember it’s last position. Will be a little tricky, but I think I’ll manage.


Thanks - that’s good.

I wouldn’t have thought the taskbar an issue - Certainly on a studio PC, you shouldn’t have much need to see what’s on it - ie: no MSN popups! I set mine to auto-hide, so any program can take full screen… Also means less chance of a DJ fiddling!