i believe i have discovered a bug in the filetagger.

The problem is it seems to freeze any options if i scroll too much.

Basically, if im finding a ramp point, i miss it on click, so use the jog-wheel to scroll back slightly (with stutter mode), it only goes so far and then won’t let me go further!

Then, it also stops you from setting things like hook points.

What happens is that you then have to restart the filetagger and begin where it froze.

Has anybody else got this problem? just try scrolling back a little way and see if it happens.

Many Thanks

Which version/build does this happen with?

There was a severe bug in v3.0.2 which let the GUI freeze in certain situations. If you haven’t done so already, you should upgrade to v3.0.3.

This problem has been reported in the German forums as well a few days ago, and it turned out that it is caused by a bug in BASS.DLL. Fortunately, it has already been fixed in the latest version of BASS ( I will ship that version from mAirList 3.0.4. You can grab a copy on if you want to solve the problem instantly.