Feature Requests of Mairlist

What I like to have in Mairlist , or what I’d like to change in Mairlist is :slight_smile:

1 : The possibility to upload own songs when voicetracking, without adding the song in the DB. So the song will only be upload in the voicetrack directory & played in mairlist when the DJ’s radio show is running. This way the DJ can play his own music without destroying or adding songs in the Mairlist Database.

2 : Possibility to do webbased voicetrack. This way you can attrack DJ’s without the need to buy a DJ license. Some dj’s don’t want to buy an mairlist license for Voicetrack, only for 1 radio station …

3 : When Voicetracking, create a button to auto-lower-the-volume where the speech is. Also create a better way to lower or higer the volume. For example with a volume “line” in the wave. (like Proppfrexx or Acid Pro or …)

4 : At this moment I have an “Automatic Hook Container” (just after the time announcement & news) which play an intro of the first 4 songs in de queue of that hour. Is it possible to create an “Automatic Hook Container” with 4 RANDOM songs in the queue ?
ps : I said 4 songs, but this was an example …