Fade Color

Could someone correct me, to make a player change color when you want click fade do you put fadecolor=# etc in the skin.ini in the player section or is it done another way?

Exactly. This is what skin.ini is for, changing colors and fonts. In the default setting, mAirList uses the same color for the “playing” and “fading” state, but you can set up different colors (also for any other state like empty, loaded, etc.) in skin.ini.

If you look around some of the threads, you’ll find many example skin.ini files… Here’s one of mine which you may find useful.

skin.ini (8.62 KB)

Thanks for that its what i had be doing so I changed back to version 2.2.2 and it works, doesn’t seem to work with version 3 could someone double check for me.


Yes, that’s obviously a bug in v3.0. Someone reported it in the German forums. I haven’t looked at it yet.

That someone was I ;D