Excluding songs from mairlist schedule

There are many songs in our music files that I would like to keep off the daily mairlist schedule. I have activated the ‘skip in automation’ option but they are still appearing on the schedule. Is there another step that I need to apply to fix this?

Move them away from the “active” folders (those being used in the templates).

Thanks for your reply Torben. I was hoping to keep all of the songs in one file so that live-to-air presenters can access any of the tracks if they wish. I thought that activating the ‘skip in automation’ option would allow us to keep all of the songs in the same file and just filter out those that aren’t suitable for the daily automation. Is the ‘exclude from logging’ option one that will keep those songs from appearing on the schedule?

Let’s have a look at your problem from another point of view.
Are you familiar with “virtual folders” in the database?

I had some songs in my rotation I don’t wanted to have them played from 9 to 5, but in my special events in the evening they were allowed. So I started working with hourly restrictions like that:

(here it shows an element allowed when the sun is up but not wanted in the evening and the night 8))
… taken from this post: https://forum.mairlist.com/index.php/topic,9958.msg64391.html#msg64391 (german)

I asked Torben if he could add the possibility of a “restrictions profile” for repeating restrictions. His answer: That’s not the idea of this possibility; scheduling the next hour would take too much time.
His proposal instead: Add new virtual folders for the “daylight rotation” - it would work very much better.

Today I’m happy to admit: Yes, he was right.
I added virtual folders for my daylight music and the schedule picked the songs from them. Songs I don’t want to hear from 9 to 5 are banished from the virtual folders but remain in the original one.

Please note that the songs have been copied (ctrl + mouse), not moved (mouse only) to the virtual folders.

I think this could be a suggestion for you and I hope it will help you to solve your problems.

Regards, Uli

Edit: corrected bad english :-[

Thanks Uli, that may be the solution I’m looking for.

Yesterday I posted a comment about marking songs with the ‘skip in automation’ option and mentioned that they still appear on the daily mairlist schedule. So what does ‘skip in automation’ actually do if it doesn’t keep these songs from being scheduled?

Without having tested it:
It is used for playing purposes, not for scheduling / creating playlists by templates.

E.g. You have a playlist and some elements should not be played when you switch from Assist to Auto - here it should work.

Sadly it doesn’t Uli, those songs still play on the schedule when we switch from Assist to Auto. Appreciate your reply, but I’m still confused about the ‘skip in automation’ option.