Event Scheduler - goes blank !

Using the event scheduler to load an hourly m3u playlist - Unfortunately, the scheduler then goes blank upon loading the next playlist. I’ve even saved the event file - But it still blanks each time the new playlist is uploaded.

I assume this may be tied to the fact that an mAirList “playlist” often contains other info like Hot Folders, Cartwall button and other data.

How do I keep the event scheduler populated with my events ? The script works fine, so I’m ok there :wink:

Loading an M3U file with CurrentPlaylist.Load should not affect the event list. (However, I just noticed that mAirList might hang when this event occurs, I will fix that for 1.5.22.)

.mls files are a different matter. They contain event data, which will overwrite the current event list. Certainly not a feasible behavior.

I will add the option to decouple the event list from the .mls files. You will then create your events, save them as a *.events file, and you can specify in the config that a certain Events file will be loaded at startup. Which will be persistent unless you load a different one in the event editor. Pretty much the Raduga/ZaraRadio way to do it.


Thanks for that… I was using this script:

CurrentPlaylist.Append('C:\Program Files\mAirList\Playlists\' + FormatDateTime('dd mm yy hh', now + 0.04166) + '.m3u');

I also agree that loading things like events/current-playlist at startup would be a good idea… If the system is in automation during a power-failure/re-boot - You’ll want it to resume playing :wink: