Just watching Eurovision 2008, and hoping a German user can tell me: do No Angels always sing so badly out of tune? At least two of them, and frequently more, were way off the note they presumably intended! :stuck_out_tongue:

A pity, because Disappear sounds like it would be quite a jolly little pop song if it weren’t being murdered like that.

PS: Do I win the ‘saddest user of the Forum’ award now, Torben? :smiley:


Oh Yes :wink:

Kind regards tony

No Angels are one of those “bands” emerged from a TV casting show. Not the kind of music I would want to listen to.


PS: Is there demand for a “off-topic” forum, or perhaps even a “certainly off-topic” one? :wink:

In all seriousness, I think it would be good to have an off-topic forum.

I think it would help for users who want to ask general radio/studio/technical/engineering questions etc and would come in handy for those type of enquiries.

Any chance of it Torben?

Thanks, Ryan.

PS- Eurovision is all political now, not about the music ::slight_smile:

The Hardware forum should be fine for general engineering dicussions.

Singers out of tune ? I was playing the “which country has their IEM too loud or their clean feed not set-up right” game :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Torben, the hardware section should deal with any engineering questions related to mAirList.

Let this forum remain dedicated to support for mAirList, other sites such as DS, Merry Media and the most useful mediauk (the home of many professional broadcaster/engineer/consultant or as the cap fits) are the places to ask wider concerns about radio.

The German and neighbouring users of this site are most welcome also to join in the discussions at these sites, Though at Merry Media and DS you may not get the answer you expect!

Just my two pennies worth. Tony

btw: to register at mediauk you will need a business email address (usually related to broadcasting).