Error upgrading sql database from 6.3 to 7.x

I’am trying to upgrade my sql database from 6.3 to 7.0.

I get the error:

Error upgrading to version 25: SQL Error: “[FireDAC]{phys][MySQL] Table 'auth_scopes’already exists”. Query: “CREATE TABLE auth_scopes ( id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, name VARCHAR(!(!) UNIQUE NOT NULL, description VARCHAR(1024) )”.

My database is on a QNAP using MariaDB5
What I already tried.
Made an export of my sql database and restored it into an empty database.
Deleted auth_clients, auth_groups, auth_group_members, auth_group_scopes, auth_scopes, auth_users and auth_user_scopes tables.

Tried to creat a complete new database in mAirList7. Then I received this error:

SQL Error: “[FireDAC][Phys][MySQL] Invalid default value for ‘created’”. Query: “CREATE TABLE auth_tokens ( id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, user_id INT NOT NULL REFERENCES auth_users(id), scope_id INT NOT NULL REFERENCES auth_scopes(id), token VARCHAR(191) NOT NULL, refresh_token VARCHAR(191), auth_code VARCHAR(1024), permissions LONGTEXT, created DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, expires DATETIME, FOREIGN KEY (user_id, scope_id) REFERENCES auth_user_scopes(user_id, scope_id) )”.

I’m lost…

Who can help me?

Nobody that can help me?

What’s the exact MariaDB server version you are using?

As far as I can tell, this error should only occur on very old versions (which don’t allow CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as default value for DATETIME fields). But if you tell me the exact version, I will check it.