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I’ve just downloaded mAirList 1.42 and it doesn’t appear to have an English locale folder (or any locale folders, come to mention it!) and even though the online manual states that English is the deafult language, it all appaers to be in German! Can anybody help me out here? Where can I get an English locale so I can try this software out?

Hello Clayton welcome to the mAirList forums.

Try the development release all the latest features are included.
1.4 sounds like the wrong release as its only just being targetted at an English market.

Setup guide here:


Correct. Up to (and including) version 1.4, the software was German only, without localization support. Beginning with 1.5.0, I translated mAirList to English, and included an optional German locale file.

1.4.2 is a little outdated anyway. The current 1.5.x release should be stable enough for production use as well. It just awaits some final feature enhancements and bug fixing and is then turned into the new 2.0 “stable” release.


hi guys thanks for your help… time to get stuck into the manual and see if I can’t work out how to make this thing go! :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile: Remember that most of the manual is still missing, but at least the Configuration chapter is complete.

Did you read Tony’s tutorial?


Hi Clayton, you will find a setup guide at:


hth Tony