End Time


Is there anyway I can see when the item currently playing is going to end?

I’m using Community Edition.



Double-click the time display in the player.

Or, to make that the default every time you start mAirList, open mAirList Config and:

[ul][li]In the left pane of Config, click Playlists, Playlist 1.[/li]
[li]In the left pane of Config, click Player 1.[/li]
[li]In the right pane of Config, in the General tab: change Default time display mode to remaining time; and change EOF warning to (for example) 30 seconds before reaching EOF (or whatever time you want, but be sure to use the same time for all your Players). :wink: When the Player hits that remain time, its background will start flashing until it hits EOF. ;)[/li]
[li]In the right pane of Config, in the GUI Options tab: make sure that Flash during EOF warning is ticked. ;)[/li]
[li]Repeat all steps above (except the first) for every other Player.[/li]
[li]When you have done all that, click Save, which saves your changes and exits mAirList Config.[/li][/ul]

Incidentally, this is also my preferred setup. But if you spend some time ‘nosing around’ in Config, you can learn quite a lot about what mAirList is truly capable of (and skin/layout files, scripts, and events each add a whole extra dimension on top of that!).

Full manuals (in German and in English) are currently under development and I daresay that a draft version will be available for download within a few weeks.

Welcome to the forums, and please don’t feel shy about asking any question, or asking for any advice you might need. We’re a friendly bunch with a LOT of radio experience between us, and there are VERY few issues or features for which we haven’t yet—between us all—been able to come up with a solution: and we all had to learn at one time! :smiley:

If you want to do voicetracking, for example, there’s a script called IVP (shameless plug for yours truly: sorry!) which you can download (for free, obviously!) from the English Scripts section, as well as literally dozens of scripts from lots of mAirList users—including a few from Torben—which will do all sorts of Jolly Good Things for you in mAirList. ;D

Hope that helps!


Another trick I’ve used is when using the Playlist to play items and backtime - put a dummy item at the end of the Playlist. The dummy item’s backtime column will show time it would play - co-incidentally the time the previous item will end.

If you’ve got a scheduler, it can do this for you.
#mAirList DUMMY 0 END OF PLAYLIST would be a good starter.


Thanks very much for your help guys!

Don’t worry…Im sure I’ll be putting up lots more questions yet1

Thanks for your willingness as well!