DSP for players


I would like to know if it’s possible to associate a DSP (like stereotool) to a player (for Playlist and Cartwall) into the Audio Devices settings.
I know it’s possible to do that via the “Encoder”, but I cannot use this solution witn my D&R Airlite mixer. My goal is to add a DSP to the music I’m playing with mAirlist.
If it’s not possible, can you please add that into the roadmap?
This possibility is existing into StationPlaylist for example.


At the moment it’s not possible.
On the other hand - I don’t know if it’s useful to process a track while playing out. What should be the difference between Player A & B?

mAirList offers some interesting tools of normalization (replay gain, EBU R 128, True Peak) so that you shouldn’t have problems with tracks being played. The main mix (master) can be processed in the encoder as it is at the moment.

Added and moved to the feature requests, so Torben will have to think about it. I’m afraid it needs a re-programming of the audio engine.

Per player will not be easily possible; but possibly per audio device. We’ll see.