Do containers respond to maximum age of a file?

This is the scenario - internet drops out, news and traffic files don’t update. The maximum age is set to 55. At the moment, I don’t have news or traffic in a container, which means the news and traffic intro files play and the news and traffic files are skipped (which is good - I don’t want old news playing, but it still sounds a little stupid having the intro play and then go into the next unrelated event).

When I tried out a news container, the age of the file is ignored and the file is played anyway, even though it would normally be skipped outside of a container.

This would be ideal - If a news file (or any file) is past the maximum age set, the whole container is skipped including the news intro, bed, closer, etc. is it possible? Thanks!

Try snapshot 4164 please.

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Thank you Torben! Works great! Very helpful!

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