Directsound not showing in audio devices

I’ve recently upgraded from v4 to v6. I’ve been running mairlist 4 through a soundblaster audigy fx soundcard. In the audio settings of v4 I get all the options and separate channels from the soundcard as directsound, but when I try to set it up the same way on v6 it’s not showing me those options. I tried using the wasapi options but it will only setup one channel properly, the others are redirected to the only working option, or not working at all. .
I’m sure I’m missing something in the settings, but am at a loss what it is.

Just to give a bit more info.
On mairlist 4:
Soundcard soundblaster audigy FX
Settings in audio devices Channel 1/2 front and 3/4 rear to mixer channels recognised as directsound and working fine until I restart pc. It then loses it’s audio settings.

On mairlist 6:
Same soundcard, same settings in audio devices. Not showing the directsound separate channel options, just separate wasapi.
Directsound has force multi channel output activated and hardware mixing on.
Set wasapi up channel 1/2 front and 3/4 rear to mixer channels. Only channel 1/2 has sound input and pfl, but doesn’t sound right. No output on channel 3/4 and no pfl output.

Have set the driver for soundcard up so it’s not surround, and 5.1 option checked. Have updated the drivers to the latest ones as well.

Totally at a loss…