Delay for fader start

Hi, Wonder if you can help. I think i need a delay script for mAirList.

My setup allows me to do fader starts for channels 3 and 4 of my Behringer mixer.
The microswitches of Behringer mixer channels 3 and 4 are connected to digital input 1 and 2 of the Velleman board.
Velleman and mAirList functionality is fine - all work well.

I am experiencing a problem where I keep missing the first beat of a song when started using fader start.
This is because by the time the fader is fully open the first beat of song has already passed so you miss hearing the first beat.

I wondering if someone my have Delay/Wait script which i can put into mAirList or advise me of an alternative solution to this problem?

My setup:
Velleman K8055N Electronic Project board
Behringer DX2000 with alps k faders (plus micro switches)
mAirList Home Studio

  ExecuteCommand('PLAYER 1-1 START');

Will wait for 100ms and the issue the PLAYER 1-1 START command.

Save this as e.g. C:\, and in the Velleman config, use “RUNSCRIPT C:\” for the fader start command (type manually).

Another option is to use ASIO and WASAPI output and use a very large buffer size (= latency).

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Thanks Torben,

I will try during the week.
Please can you tell where the “Velleman config” is located.


mAirListConfig -> Remote Control -> Vellemann (Properties)