Default Artist or Title for a folder or Hour Template


Is there a way to set a default Artist or Title for a Folder or Hour Template?

Reason behind this, when a syndicated show plays, I would like it to push some predefined details to website and (if possible) stream, via the logger, regardless of the files attributes on import.

This is so I can trigger some logic on the website end.

Just put a Dummy with the desired metadata before the actual content?

Wouldn’t the file that comes after the dummie then push its meta data, over riding the dummie?

Also, does the dummie need to be a particular length?

Hi Torben,

I added the Dummie before the show played, but the information wasn’t received by the server.

Here’s what I’ve got:

So, what have I done wrong here?

In config > Encoder See if in Metadata the Item Type Filter for Dummy is not selected.



It is set, but also if the Type is changed Music, as I did here, that should also push the data too. Well, assuming that’s what Type is for.

Hm, should actually work… Exact version and build?

It is 5.2.6 Build 2993

In the Database properties of that dummy, maybe Exlcude from Logging is set?

You mean in Logging, no. Dummie and Music are both selected to pushed to the server and TuneIn API.

No, in the properties of the dummy itself.
Select the Tab Playback and look in the column on the right, being sure that Exclude from logging is not selected.

If you mean in the final playlist (took a bit of hunting to find), then no it isn’t excluded.

Just to add some additional diagnostic info for this issue, I’ve also set the Dummie Type back to Dummie from Music, but it didn’t make any difference, and the mAirList system log hasn’t reported any issues during the time the playlist fired.

The dummie and show will fire again at 6pm UK today (Saturday) on

Hi Torben,

Have you had any thoughts on this issue?

Sorry, I was away from work for a bit :wink:

One thing that came into my mind, there is an option in the playlist options list about logging of non-playable items, can you verify that this is turned on?

Welcome back Torben!

In the mAirList Configuration under Playlists > Playlist 1 > Options tab, there is an option called “Automatically mark non-playable items as played in assist mode”, but that is not checked.

I couldn’t find the option you where referring too.

It’s called “Include non-playable items in logging”, in the Playlist general options. Not sure which version you’re on, it’s relatively new.

I don’t see that option.

I’m on 5.2.6 build 2993

Then it’s time to switch over to v5.3 :slight_smile:

lol Ok, is that going to break anything, such as configuration and db. I’m running two networked installs.