Database upgrade

Quick database question.

I am running mAirList v4 on 3 PCs and am about to upgrade to v5.

V5 requires schema version 22 (not schema version 20 used on v4) but they are all referencing the same networked database.

If I update the schema on one PC I assume it will ‘break’ the other two and therefore I need to do them all at the same time (or as close as possible). If this is the case then I presume that the database can’t be used for playout during this process?


I’d simply make a copy of the entire database first, and then upgrade that copy. (Use pg_dump or pgAdmin to backup into a file, create empty database, restore into that database).

Actually I started to use “mairlist4” and “mairlist5” as the database names to make clear which version they are used for.

When the migration is done, you can delete the old database, or keep it as a backup.

It is highly recommended that no mAirList clients are connected to the database while you perform the upgrade. You will probably see tons of warnings and error messages if you try.

Thanks Torben. I have done as you suggest and upgraded a copy.