Database Search History

I’ve noticed that there’s now a search history that displays a list of recent searches. This is great, except when using the scroll wheel on the mouse, occasionally the focus of the mouse is still on search field instead of the results, which results in it searching the database multiple times (creating a reasonable amount of lag as well). This tends to lock the whole program up (though without interrupting playback) and has taken up to 20 seconds before the UI is responsive again.

I wouldn’t class this as a bug, but it’s getting annoying. Is there any way of disabling the search history entirely, as I’ve no real use for it?

That or finding a way for it to stop searching when activated by the scroll wheel? And a way to clear the recent results without delving into preferences.ini would be great :slight_smile:


Check the options under GUI -> Browser, you can turn off the history altogether there.

The mouse wheel thing is in fact an issue, but I’m not sure if the application can distinguish between an item selected from the list and an item selected using the mouse wheel anyway.

Thanks Torben, I did have a quick look in the config but didn’t spot anything must have missed it.

Yes, far too many options… :wink:

On the Config, Browser tab, it’s Keep search history (and optionally, Enable autocompletion for search history). Section 5.6.3 in the manual (PDF page 48). All part of the service. ;D