Database not sync

Hello there,
My music is in a NSA server, so i did the synchronization for the first time and all songs are now on the database, but i add more songs to the server, and did the synchronization again, it found the new songs and i add then, but they dont appear now on the database song list, can someone help me?
Many thanks

Would you please fill in the correct license number in your forum profile?
Thank you.

hello, i did it yesterday.thanks

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Well, that sounds strange.
When a file is added to the database, you should see it there.

Would you please select all files in the database and sort them by ID, descending? Does the latest import appear first in line or do you still miss files?

Ok, i found out what was the problem, beginner mistake. When i did the folder synchronization, i forgot to tick the option to keep folder structure… So i had synchronized more then 100 folders with a lot of music, and i found then in the end of the list, mix up. I delete this database and will start over again,
Thanks for the support!!

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