Database error


My friend gets an error while running mAirList.
See screenshot for details.

You know what could be wrong?




Looks like the .mldb file is corrupt. Is it on a local disk or a network share? It will break easily when you put it on a network drive.

Usually the solution is to create a text dump with sqlite3.exe, and then create a fresh database file from the dump, also with sqlite3.exe.

Thanks Torben,

It is a 5.1 Home studio version, the DB is on the same computer.
Can you please explain the right commands to do this?

Thanks you so much!


Any help please?
We are stuck on how to achieve it :frowning:



Sorry, I was stuck in North Wales for a week where 3G internet has not been implemented so far as it seems :wink:

All you have to do is to dump the mldb (sqlite database) file into a text file, and create a new database from it (restore).

Copy your database file (I assume it is named database.mldb) and sqlite3.exe (found in the mAirList program folder since v4.4) into a new folder, open a Windows command prompt, change into that folder, and type:

sqlite3 database.mldb .dump > dump.sql
sqlite3 new.mldb < dump.sql

Now use new.mldb as your database file.

You will most likely see a number of warning messages during the dump step about the broken records (they will just be excluded from the dump).

This has worked for most corrupted database files I have encountered - your mileage may vary.


Gonna try to help the man remotly to fix this.