Database and double-click

Hi there,

I just need a little tip. Something annoys me.
I’ve got several mairlist instance.
In on of them, when I’m in the database software and i’m double-clicking on one item, it plays it instead of open its properties.
I know that is just an option but I don’t manage to find it.


Hello Matthieu,

please look in the corner down+right of your database window. You will find four icons there; one of them is highlighted.
The highlighted one is executed on double-click.

v6.3 database icons double-click

From left to right:

  • Playback of the selected item in the same window.
  • Open properties dialog.
  • Insert item to the database playlist.
  • Insert item to the playout.

I assume, in your example the loudspeaker symbol is highlighted.

Wah ! great thanks !!!
I’ve never seen those symbols there !
With mairlist, I’m discovering new things each day