Copying multiple tracks

Hey Torben,

I will like to copy different tracks to a another folder.
Unfortunately this is not possible, only per track.

You will want to settle this?

You mean in the database app? Just mark multiple items with the mouse (hold down Shift or Control) and drag them to the new folder.

Thanks Torben,

I did not know yet

Just like in any other Windows software :slight_smile:

Hello Torben,

Until recently I did it this way, but it doesn’t work anymore. Can you help me please?

Greetings Luud from the Netherlands

Hello @Luud,

this discussion is nearly 7,5 years old.
It is possible to move or copy audio elements from one folder to another by drag and drop (copy: Hold CTRL key).

Which mAirList version do you use? v6.3.11 is the latest.

I am using 638 build 4398

Luud vd Eertwegh