Control on Midi on

Hi all,
i got a small problem and have no idea how to solve.
I would like to control the playlist by a midi controller by using an endless rotary encoder button so i can scroll through the playlist.
The problem is that i don’t find any command which listen to the midi port (like OnSASCommand).
By this i think it would be possible to use the encoder button to trigger the script, move the playlist selection one step up or down and reset the encoder button to the value at each step (this is possible because i can send also commands to this button and set a midi value for this).

Is there any possibility or do anyone have an idea how to solve this?



Why don’t you just use the MIDI remote control interface add attach the PLAYLIST 1 CURSOR DOWN etc. commands to the respective MIDI messages? There’s no need for scripting here.

I haven’t got your point about the Encoder button.

Hi Torben,
the rotary Encoder is a “Endloser Drehpoti” but also if i sent note commands with this one it can send notes only between 0 and 127 (as standard midinotes), this means i can move at max between 127 tracks in the playlist (ok, that’s much i know, but i want to keep it in general).
So if i want to get the 128st playlist item i can get there only by the trick to send a midinote with e.g. 64 back to the encoder wheel so it means that it has the note 64 (and not 127 as before). Now i be able to send again increasing notes commands.

The second problem i found by this is, that the rotary encoder gives incresing / decreasing commands, means, if i do it with the Midi control of the config i must set a trigger value otherwise it would do the command everytime if i reach the condition i set int the Midi setup (smaller, equal, bigger). If doing this i can move the encoder to one level (or higher) the command will perform but to stop the command i must move the encoder back a little bit in the other direction to stop the command.

In easy way: On every note change the playlist should move one step up or down, and only if i perform a note change and not continuisly (there was an old Thread about this problem that commands are triggered continuisly if smaller, equal, bigger conditions are reached)

The basic idea i have had:
Each step of 5 midinotes distance i want to step forward/backward in the playlist (otherwise the encder is a little bit sensitve) by doing a script as followed:
Now i can check if the signal is 5 notes higher/lower than 64, if yes perform the command playlist one up/down and send a midicommand to reset the encoder value to 64.

Or is there a way to start a script by the midi remote and not directly a command?

Thanks for your fast response.