In the new comments setup, is it possible that the comments can share the same colour as the item itself?

For instance - when you expand a comment, it shows it fine, but on a white background, which has already confused me once or twice. Can it share the same colour scheme as the sound file?

Keep up the great work - this is great.


I find this a pain, too. Especially when it comes to re-arranging the playlist order - If you drop an item in the wrong place, it doesn’t actually move it.

The color issue will be addressed in mAirList 2.1.7. I will also take care of the rearragement problems. For the moment, when moving items, try not to select the comment node but only the main playlist node, and do not try do drop an item between another item node and its comment node.

I really like the way you can expand and collapse comments as needed now, but the proper handling of the playlist seems to be more difficult than before.


Reconsidering the comment node concept, I decided that it’s better to move the comments back into the main nodes. This avoids all the problems we have encountered when moving nodes etc. There will still be sort of +/- buttons to expand or collapse single comments as needed.

The change will be effective as of mAirList 2.1.10.