Colouring the cartwall???

I noticed whilst editing the properties of an ident that you could specify a colour for it. I changed the colour to blue I then clicked ‘OK’. The jingle hasn’t changed colour. Is this what the ‘changing of the colour’ is meant for - changing the appearance of the jingle in the cartwall?

Thanks, Joe.

You need to write to the mmd. Joe if you are Radio Lutterworth, I do not think that was enabled in the config options.

Kind Regards tony

hi, what is the ‘mmd’ and I am not in Radio Lutterworth!

Wrong Joe. sorry and btw:welcome to the forums.

The mmd file is metadata. When in properties select the colour you wish to correspond to the audio file, click OK (on the colour) then click Metadata and then the Ok underneath this. I’ve tried this too, it does not colour audio in a cartwall.

Perhaps Torben can help here?

It works if you add a jingle (or any piece of audio) in the playlist. this is handy as it makes Music/jingles?ads easy to spot.

If you look in the script section, Charlie has posted a script to add different colours (and icons) to differing audio. Just alter the script to point to the icons by path name.

Then build a playlist with the audio you wish to colour, add icons or comment (these are documented inside the script) to a playlist.

Open the event editor (the E). Click Add by Actions, run script and find the script prepared from Charlies example.

In the event options click Automation and Assist, select day and time. Close this window and click run. If I have remembered this correctly, any audio in the playlist will magically be tagged to the options you specify.

To make this easy to find next time give this a name in the top of the dialog in the event window.

Click close on the event editor. Providing in the config you have set events to be remembered with the desktop. Clear the playlist (unless you need this view everytime) and save the new desktop. Each time you make a change to a standard desktop, remember to save as standard.mlt in your mairlist folder.

I’m off on holiday so if this does not work, Torben, Charlie or Cad will no doubt help (and normally get things right first time, me I get there eventually).

Kind regards tony

I hae just been helping somebody with their layout and they have asked to see if this is possible yet, so that they can colour 1 jingle on a row of hotkeys…

Just wondered whether it has been made possible with all the changes you are making to layouts etc at the moment…

is this something you could implement?

in an ideal world, i guess it would be that you would select the colour on the actual cart, rather than in the properties for the file, that would mean that the hotkey would change, but if you dragged the file from the cart to the playlist, then it would still show as all the rest of the audio does…

Many Thanks

It’s nothing which can be done with a layout or skin, it must be implemented inside the player. Although, the more I think about it, the easier it seems to be…

So you think the item’s color should only be used inside the cartwall but not inside the playlist? That would mean that we need two different color settings.

[+] Player/cartwall option "Use item color when idle"

From the change log of the upcoming snapshot :wink:

Hi Torben

sounding good!!

There are occasions, for example, a row of hotkeys, one of which is the news in stab… At a quick glance i’d want to see which one that is, but i wouldnt then want it to look the same colour in the playlist - which sounds like what you have done…

Many thanks

Looking forward to it