clear history

Just a bit of help would be appreciated.

I have no idea which option it is, as i have trawled the config over and over trying different things but on one version of mairlist i have, when an item finishes playing it goes to the recycle bin and no longer appears in the playlist, another version it remains greyed in the playlist.

I just cant seem to find the setting to change so that it always goes to the recycle bin, as i have changed my layout and its not practical having files left in the playlist.


You need to set the maximum number of history items to 0. (It’s on page you get when you click “Playlist 1” in the config menu tree). Also make sure that all revelant playlist options are enabled.

Thanks, i’ll give it a go, but im sure the set to zero is already done and boxes are ticked/unticked. i will double check it.