Changing button with Remote ID


I have a little Elgato Streamdeck. It can send keyboard commands like ‘CTRL+F12’. I’ve made a button to put my mixer on and off air. Just by Dante + a virtual mixer.

If my mixer is off air, I want mAirList to show that the mixer is off air. I made a simple button, with ‘OFF AIR’, and ‘ON AIR’. Gave it a Remote ID, and in ‘hotkey settings’, said when receiving ‘CTRL+F12’, trigger the button. But that doesn’t work.

Is someone able to help with this?

Kindly regards,

Hi Wouter,
I recently have put down some thoughts about switching and buttons here, which, in fact, is written in German (as yet). But the code itself should work in any language. You might have a look at and, if it were all Greek for you, feel free to ask again?

Nevertheless, without having a look at your script per se, it is a little difficult to judge your efforts.

Toggled regards


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Thanks Tondose!

I’ll give it a try. Will let you know if it worked for me!