Change Icons mAirList 6

Hi all,

I know this question is askes for mor than thousand times. I’ve seen them all, but it didn’t brought me further in the process.

In mAirList, I want to change a few icons, because i’m working on a skin.

The icons I want to change are:

  • Link icon
  • Play, pause, stop icon
  • If possible: the controls (mix editor, automation and the other buttons above the playlist.

For your information, i’m a leek, so hopefully someone is able to help me! Haha :wink:

Kindly regards,

  • icon_linked.png
  • icon_notlinked.png
  • icon_endofchain.png
  • button_play.png
  • button_pause.png
  • button_stop.png

The Assist / Auto buttons can be changed via skin.ini.

  • toolbar_controlbar_play.png
  • toolbar_controlbar_next.png
  • toolbar_controlbar_stop.png

Mix Editor: Sorry, I don’t know.

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Thanks! And than put this into the /images folder?

Please note that the file format must be *.png.