central mmd folder

Just a quick question…

Following on from the earlier problems i had about me saving mmd files to a central folder and it giving me error messages "cannot create file… "

the reason for that is because the hard-drive is in the format of fat-32 and when in that format you can only have so many files in one location, therefore, trying to put 40,000 files into one folder couldnt be done because of this reason.

however if you layer up a folder you can then do it i.e.

MMD FOLDER then inside that main folder say 12000 mmd files then a NEW FOLDER (still withing the MMD FOLDER) another 12000 and so on…

The problem i have now got is that mairlist wont see anymore than the first 12000 files in the main MMD FOLDER, basically it doesnt look into the new folders within the main folder.

Therefore, apart from backing up the database for 5 hours then reformating and then re-copying for another 5 hours, is there a simple way that i can get mairlist to browse the main folder and sub-folders when specifying in the config where the central folder is?

I hope that makes sense.


I would strongly recommend that you reconfigure your drive as NTFS—if I recall, it should be possible to do this without having to remove the data first. Check with Microsoft if in any doubt. ;D

To answer your other question, I think you do have to specify each subdirectory separately (assuming this is an ‘on-the-fly’ database). I seem to recall having the same problem (subdirectories not processed) myself some time ago. I eventually got MediaMonkey and am using that as my ‘database’ until mAirListDB arrives with V3.


Yes, Cad - you do need 1 OnTheFly per folder/sub-folder… Phoenix FM has 3 or 4 for this very reason!