cartwall pic


im just trying to work something out.

I assumed that because you could set the main background to be a “homemade” image and you just need to tell it the path location, that you could do the same thing when it came to any of the XXColor=

Therefore, what i have tried is:


i also tried it in .png format to see if that made any difference but all it seemed to do was to make it completely black!

Is it possible? im trying to replicate the VCS Dira! layout for the cartwall.

On that note, is there a way that i could change the appearance of the progress bar, so that it looks in segmens, rather than one long bar?

Here is the image i am trying to make a button out of:


It’s not possible to use a background image for the players. You can only use a plain color value. Changing the progress bar design (except for the colors) not not possible either.

Conclusion: I’m sorry to report that mAirList will always look a bit like itself :slight_smile:

Having said that, it would be rather cool to be able to use a background image on Players and Cartwall Players, for those to whom such things matter (and because more sales of paid-for versions of mAirList would be a Good Thing for Torben! ;)). One for Feature Requests, I think? :smiley:


Yes, one for the list.

Although I must say that I have started to rework/redesign the players to comply with the “custom layout inside the players” request. The new players, probably introduced around v3.2, will technically be embedded forms, using real buttons instead of the current self-drawn ones. This will make a custom background even harder to implement.

I’m wondering if it possible now in 4.0 to have custom backgrounds in the Cartwall or that it is not likely to appear at all?


Having just re-read this, I don’t see why?

Surely (?) a custom background image would in reality be an Image (or ‘picture’) object which is furthest ‘down’ in the Z-order, i.e. ‘below’ all other internal objects, but just ‘above’ the form’s actual background colour? And the ‘default’ for that internal Image object (i.e. when there is no user-defined background image) would be a ‘empty’ PNG image file with a transparent background, with the Image object’s Visible attribute set to False.

In that way, the form background colour would be visible, as it is at present; and if a user wants a background image, the user-specified image file replaces the ‘empty’ image file as the ‘source’ for the internal Image/picture object, and the internal Image/picture object has its Visible attribute set to True.

This would (fairly) easily allow the user to specify a background image for Players, Cartwall Players, etc.; and I’m sure the approach I propose above wouldn’t be difficult to implement for a programmer of Torben’s talent! ;D