Can't save PFL settings to file tag (MP3)

When I go into PFL and I adjust the ramp time for example and then I click the “save to file tag” button, I get an error saying "can’t open file, the process has no access to this file, because it’s in use by another process.
Probably because the file is playing in the PFL window, or a Windows related problem?

mAirList 2.1.28
Windows XP Pro SP2


The file must not be loaded into any (cart or ordinary) player while writing the ID3 tag. Otherwise it will be locked by BASS.DLL.

Extra PFL is ok (because it closes its internal player and releases the file prior to writing the tag), as long as the file is not loaded into any other player at the same time.

Consider using MMD files instead.


The file indeed was loaded in one of the three players. Thanks!