ButtonSize in Playlist too?

Hi Torben,

would it be possible to include the BUTTONSIZE option in the [playlist] section as well as it works fine in the [player] section?
Since I use mAirList on a 1024*768 Laptop I try to minimize Windows, Buttons and fonts as good as possible. Smaller buttons in automation mode would be helpful.

Thanks > Uli
(sorry for writing “germlish”, it is a tribute to our users abroad)

The size of the playlist buttons is linked to the size of the toolbar font, which you can adjust with ToolbarFontSize. This is because most of the buttons in the playlist toolbar contain text but not images. (Back then, when ToolbarFontSize was introduced, there even weren’t any images at all.)

The images will be resized accordingly.



Do you want to say that the ToolbarFontSize=[pixel] has the same effect as ButtonSize=24 ?

Imho this does not really make sense … please show me my misunderstanding.

Thanks > Uli

It works, really. Surprise, surprise … ToolbarFontSize=12 is perfect. Thanks, Torben