building a playlist

Hi, just wondered why the following occurs when building a playlist;

Inserting audio file from the top menu adds that file to the top of the playlist (I would rather it went to the end of the playlist) yet adding audio from the browser places the file at the end.

Kind Regards Tony

Actually, adding from the top menu inserts the item above the currently selected item.

I can’t explain why the behavior is inconsistent. What would you prefer? Always at the end or always at the current position (below or above)?


Torben that was quick, many thanks.

I would like the new audio to go to the end of a playlist. What does everyone else think?

Kind regards tony

Since you ask…

I would say the default should be to add the file to the end of the Playlist if no item is currently selected; or as Torben said, above the currently selected item.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a proper way to ‘un-select’ all the Playlist items. Single left-clicking on the currently selected item does not ‘un-select’ it (like it does in a dropdown or list box control, for example).

The reason double-clicking a file in the browser adds the file to the end of the Playlist seems to be that once the Browser is the active pane, the Playlist temporarily ‘forgets’ which item is selected, so the item is added at the end. Oddly though, clicking back in an empty area of the Playlist ‘remembers’ the previous selected item (if you see what I mean?).


You can use the TAB key to navigate between objects… “tab” off the playlist view, ie: to the message-box, browser or something else (there is another, but I can’t “see it”!)… Then the playlist is “out of focus”.

Excellent, Charlie! I didn’t know that.