Buffering database

Hi Torben / Uli

We have a strange problem from time to time , at our studio’s that is that wnen loading the playlist from the database in our playout it is buffering , we have at our studio all a fiber connection 500/500 so i do not see why it is buffering . But it does , it is when it is playing the last song in to the next playplist it is silenced for a couple of seconds, this failure is not all the time , is it something with the buffering settings where we have to look or something else .

I am currious about your answer. For the rest it works fine for us

Goos Mante

Hi @Goos,
can it be that you add the playlist of the next hour via the event control? Just try to “attach” the new playlist for the next hour. That should solve the “buffering” problem. Best regards Peter

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This is how we do this

Change the entry from “Load and play playlist” to “Attach playlist”. The only disadvantage that arises is that you then have to start the “attached playlist” manually.

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Thanks will do .


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Hi @Goos

Sorry, I wrote something wrong in the heat of the moment.
“Append playlist” is correct.

If you are in the “automatic mode”, the attached playlist does not need to be started manually, of course, because the automatic takes over this part.

I apologize for this mistake on my part.

Best regards Peter

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