BSI Trigger Kit, Will It Work?

Hey Guys,

In our studio we use this:

Now because we are changing to mAirlist it’s pretty much useless as it only is used for simian. I was thinking, Would it still be able to work mAirlist on the remotes panel. But then I thought what would it be? USB? Or…

On a sidenote, I got mAirlist running off a pair of buzz controllers:

Well, it does have an USB connection, but the product page does not state what kind of USB device it represents. I presume they use a proprietary protocol based on the standard HID (human interface device) class. Which would make it possible to use it with mAirList, but you would have to send me one for a few weeks so I can have a look on it.

OOOOOH! :o I’m impressed by your lateral thinking! Four questions:

Which game console are the ‘Buzz’ controllers you’re using originally intended for use with? PS3? XBox? Something else?

Do the ‘Buzz’ controllers show up as joysticks/HID, or something else? In other words, which particular model of ‘Buzz’ controllers would I need to ‘find?’)

You say two ‘Buzz’ controllers, but a full set as shown in your picture contains four controllers. Do you mean that only two of those four handsets are usable on a PC, or did you mean two × full sets (i.e. eight handsets in total)?

Are all five buttons on each ‘Buzz’ handset ‘visible’ and thus usable in mAirList, or are any of the buttons on any of the four handsets unusable for some reason?

This is a very interesting idea and could work as a ‘poor man’s Tipro keyboard.’

Thanks in advance for any further info you can give us all on this!

Well Sir Cad, They are PS2 controllers and work via USB.

They didnt need drivers they seemed to install thereselves. I thought to myself, “Now what do I add these with?” So I tried Joystick and it worked.

Sorry to confuse you, Yes all 4 controllers can control anything.

Nope, EVERYTHING is useable. They are a bit oddly numbered. I was simply using the big red button as the play button for my players. I think (From memory) it goes 1-Big Red Button then 2 to 5 is from bottom to top in the buttons. So the bottom button is 2.

There’s my insite!

Tom, thanks for this.

I managed to buy a second-hand set of BUZZ controllers for a ‘massive’ £2.99 in my local Gamestation. ;D

I’ve tried them and can confirm that XP recognises them at plug-in and reports them as ‘Logitech BUZZ Controller V1.0’ in the Game Controllers list in Control Panel. They also work AOK when set up in mAirList Remote Control.

Nice one, sir!